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Thank you for using AMarker  - an easy-to-use program that lets you launch applications or open documents with just one mouse click or on the contrary forbid a mouse click on protected areas.

AMarker  consists of two programs:

With the Marker you can draw some colored regions over the screen, do these colored areas transparent or hidden, protect them or assign the action on mouse click inwardly region. The Areas program traces a mouse activity.  Areas protecting can be added in AutoStart.

  Use AMarker  to protect your own desktop icons from casual striking. With AMarker  you can turn over your computer to your children without worrying if they'll delete, modify or view important files. Your message will produce strong impression. It is possible to trace and to save to log file all mouse activity and the keyboard input.

  Use AMarker  to create really topmost menu instead of bored icons, to launch applications or screensavers, to shutdown computer or to open documents with just one mouse click.

  Use AMarker   message to show the current time. Even three-year-old child likes this clock.

  Use AMarker  to hang boring reminder over the screen. You'll never forget to click it.

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