How to assign an action on the click

Follow these steps to change the assigned action on the mouse click:

  1. Activate the Marker program. To do it use the tray icon . Call the Areas system menu and select the  <Marker> item. Or simple use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + M.
  2. Click the Marker <Options 'M' button>The options dialog will appeare.
  3. Select <Action on left click> page.
  4. Choose an action.
  5. Enter <Ok button> (see options dialog picture for details).
  6. Close the Marker.
  7. The Areas will appear.

Possible actions:

  Nothing action on the click. Select it to ignore all the mouse activity.
  Select it and input command line to launch an application or to open a document (e.g. enter c:\pkunzip.exe or open readme.txt). Drag and drop program shortcuts to the options dialog. You can drag'n'drop shortcuts directly from the Desktop or Start Menu as well. Also special commands are possible.
  Select it and input reference to visit web site. You can select from your favorites list.
  Select it and input text. Assign warning or informative message here.



See also: How to set a show effect, Areas protection