Special commands

You can use the special command such as to open CD-ROM drive. Next commands are possible to assign an action on the click:

open readme.txt   To open the documentation.
mailto:support@uniphiz.com   To support.
screensaver   To start the screensaver.
screen power off   To shut down the monitor.
shutdown   To shut down the computer.
open CD   To open CD-ROM G:, write command open CD G:. To open the default CD-ROM, write command open CD.
close CD   To close CD-ROM.
play WAVE   To play sound file, write command play WAVE C:\sounds\mysound.wav. See Sample. Only WAVE format is supported.
record WAVE   To record sound file, write command record WAVE 5 C:\sounds\mysound.wav. See Sample.

See also: How to call the clock