How to use the stamp

With using the stamp option you can draw complex areas over the screen. Choose any drawing on screen. Dribble its with lasso. Do monochrome seal. Put this seal as colored area.

To select the stamp:

  Click the right button or push <Color menu button>. The Marker color menu appeares. Select the stamp Marker.

To select the seal:

  1. Open a picture, you want to stamp. Use, for example, MS Paint or IE as viewer.
  2. To hold the Marker, click the left button on <Draw and erase item>.
  3. To move the Marker over the desktop, move the mouse or use arrows keys. Don't click  the left or right button.
  4. To draw lasso, hold SHIFT key and move the  mouse  around the picture.
  5. To stop dribbling, free SHIFT key.
  6. The captured picture will appear in the Marker circle as seal.

To put the seal as colored area:

  1. Move the Marker over the desktop.
  2. To put the seal, click CTRL key.
  3. To free the Marker, click the left or right button.


See also:  How to erase