How to trace

It is possible to write the mouse activity and the keyboard input. Follow these steps to switch log activity:

  1. Activate the Marker program.
  2. Click the Marker <Options 'M' button>The options dialog will appeare.
  3. Select <Log file> page.
  4. Check 'Mouse' item, to write all the mouse clicks inwardly areas.
  5. Check 'Keys' item, to write all the keyboard input.
  6. Check 'Windows' item, to write information about all windows opened.
  7. Enter <Ok> (see the options dialog picture for details).
  8. Close the Marker.
  9. The Areas logging will start.

To view saved log file 'LOG.TXT', open it from your program subdirectory 'DATA' or just select options dialog <Log file> page and click on the button .