How to record and play the sound message

Let draw two areas. First to record some sound message and second to play the message.

Follow these steps.

  1. Activate the Marker program.
  2. Draw red and green areas over the desktop.
  3. Click the Marker <Options 'M' button>. The options dialog will appear.
  4. Select red area.
  5. On <Action on left click> page select an action.
  6. Write command record WAVE 5 C:\sounds\mysound.wav.
  7. Select green area.
  8. Write command play WAVE C:\sounds\mysound.wav.
  9. Enter <Ok> and close the Marker.
  10. The Areas will be drawn again.
  11. Click on red area. The suggestion will appear.
  12. Speak some words during 5 seconds. Your message will been saved to file C:\sounds\mysound.wav. If success your message will sound.
  13. Wait a little. Click on green area. Your message will sound.

See also: Samples.