Conformism - Adventurism

Conformist is a person who uncritically or habitually conforms to the customs, rules, or styles of a group.
Adventurism means an involvement in risky enterprises without regard to proper procedures and possible consequences.


[ 0-10]   Modesty and shyness, just like a child.

[11-15]   Highly conformist. Compliant and disciplined behavior. Such people often change their opinion.

[16-40]   Conformity expressed in modesty and shyness, as well as a tendency to avoid disputes. Disciplined and assiduous. 

[41-60]   A balance between conformity, judiciousness and modesty. Predilection to order and accuracy.

[61-75]   Seldom change their opinions. Often brave and aggressive. In family life they may take on domestic duties.

[76-90]   Predilection towards disputes and adventures, aggressive and featherbrained. Men are quite often-hazardous players and woman are unaccommodating in matrimony.

[91-99]   An extremaly low level of conformity. Predilection towards adventures and adventurism, bravery.