Philanthropy - Hostility

Philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations. Love of humankind in general.
Hostility means the state of being hostile, antagonism or enmity.


[ 0-10]   Confidence, comprehension and participation, pity and respect. But sometimes these traits are only a mask. 

[11-25]   Kindness, fairness and humanity. But often it may be only a mask. Indulgence and condescension to others.  Unconditional observance of public norms of moral concern and social problems.

[25-40]   Frank attitude to the people. Skill to perceive others and to receive criticism. Indulgent. 

[40-60]   Normal attitude to the people. Goodwill and indulgence. Unconditional observance of legality and morals. 

[61-75]   Intolerance, sometimes roughness and suspiciousness. Avoids close contacts, though, sometimes, it can often be a mask.  General observance of social norms and morals.

[76-90]   Cold attitude to people. Roughness, impudence and suspiciousness, forgetfulness of public values, often envious. 

[91-99]   Hostile attitude to people - misanthropy. Unscrupulousness, unfriendliness, fakeness.