The program seeks correlation between facial features and psychological characteristics.

To learn about algorithm of calculation see article The algorithm was tested and the analysis indicated that the correlation was significant.

Main conclusion:
Physiognomy not so much allows others to determine your real personality and possible behavior, as it allows you to understand how others see you.


  A confidence factor

[0-10]   The diagnostics on all facial features are inconsistent.

[11-25]   The diagnostics on many facial features are inconsistent.

[26-40]   The diagnostics on some facial features are inconsistent.  However, some outcomes of interpretation may be incorrect as well.

[41-60]   Some tags are expressed. Many outcomes are reliable enough.

[61-75]   Many tags are expressed. The outcomes are somewhat reliable.

[75-90]   All tags are expressed enough, their interpretation also coincides. The outcomes are reliable.

[91-99]   All tags are expressed. Their interpretation coincides. The outcomes are absolutely reliable.

The definitions of the terms are taken from the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition  (see