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Frequently Asked Questions
Q Digital Physiognomy Is there anyway that I can save multiple faces from it? And once I make a face and save it, can I reopen it with the program to modify it again?
A To save faces add face to list, and save list as file. To reopen it to modify open list, and select face.
Q How do I upload my pictures into the Digital Physiognomy program? what format should I use for pic?
A Select menu item [View][Face Traits], push button [Add Picture] or drag and drop picture. Bitmap (BMP), gif, and jpg formats are supported.
Q How do I superimpose a picture over your programs [face].
A To combine the photo robot image and background face image, push button [Background Face] or use key [Space].
Q How come Digital Physiognomy does not give female hair even when I click on the [female] icon?
A Then you click on [men/women] icon, photo-robot does not change. It only changes physiognomy interpretation a little. To get full list of female hair, click on button [hair] on left panel.
Q Digital Physiognomy, I find your descriptions of the varius celebs interesting, although it doesn't make sense to me how you can give Bette Midler a low humor rating when she has been in a number of very funny movies. Another example is Adam Sandler, while not being the funniest man on the planet has made a few decent humorous movies. Please explain why you gave them such low Humor ratings?
A In all psychological traits classical physiognomy interpretations of Humor, Lucky, Sex activity and Health are most doubtful. For example, 'Humor': physiognomy interpretates only head form and nose form. For other psychological traits more than 4-5 face items are included.
Q How can I make a face that has a smile?
A It is unpossible with Digital Physiognomy. It uses only limited number of items interpreted by physiognomy. As I know physiognomy uses only 'static' face items without emotions. For lips main items are: 'arched downwards' and 'Heart-shaped'.
Q I've studied Personology of the Robert Whiteside school for about ten years and have been wishing for a face reading program such as yours... When clicking on some famous faces..i.e. Abe Lincoln ...description reads.."not recognised" And there are several other famous faces as well that when clicked on read "not recognised". Problem with your program?
A Message "not recognised" appears then 'confidence factor' (see bottom left) if too small. For ' Lincoln' factor is 52 % lt 60%. Digital physiognomy algorithm uses the rules of physiognomy, that sometimes are contradictory. The 'confidence factor' is a measure of this contradictory. Try to change some face traits with sketch editor (photorobot) and see how it will change the 'confidence factor'.
Q >How you got the PT type score?
A Digital Physiognomy does not calculate PType. It only estimates the probability of each PType for person based on facial traits. Of course only facial traits are not enough to find PType. It is only rough estimate. There are two parts in algorithm.
1. Each facial item gives weight coefficients to each psychological trait. For example: ears size gives a11 to intellect, a12 to optimism.... ears form gives a12 to intellect, a22 to optimism... So we estimate psychological traits.
2. When psychological traits are defined, we attemp to estimate Ptype by this psychological traits, not by facial items: ENFG, INFJ... So the confidence factor for Ptype is low then for psychological traits. The error is more probable.
Q What exactly means "site license"? Once I load it, suddenly thousands of faces run by my screen, and there is no pausing this cycle.
A A Corporate or Site USAGE license allows anyone in the organization making the purchase (the purchaser, the purchaser's employees acredited agents), to use the software. Site license means that all in school, for example, can use the software. The price of Site license is $199. To purchase a corporate licence follow the link.
Q How can I translate your programs into another language?
A Go to program subfolder 'Lang'. You will see a file called English.lng. Open it in any text editor and translate all english words right to '='. Save this file under a different name - ***.lng. In group [Main] set lang='your language'. Test program. Load a program and choose a newly created language.
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