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America votes 2004. Psychological characteristics of John Kerry and George Bush.

Let's try to use physiognomy methods in practice to determine psychological characteristics of candidates. Software Digital Physiognomy allows us to compose a psychological description of any individual based on the frontal view of his face.

John Kerry photo John Forbes Kerry photo
 Oval forehead
 Hardly express cheekbones
 Pointed jaw
 Narrow chin
 Oval with angles eyes
 Average arched brows
 Pointed, hooked nose
 Thick lower lip
 Adpressed ears
George W Bush photo
 Oval forehead
 Cheekbones raised upper eyes
 Average jaw
 Chin witha dimple
 Narrow, lowered outside eyes
 Straight, lowered outside brows
 Nose straight, with narrow base
 Thin lips, arched downwards
 Ears with large Lobe
George W Bush photo

Digital Physiognomy presents comparative character analysis of John Kerry and George Bush.

John Forbes Kerry
Character analysis of John Kerry

Volitional, Egoist, Honest
  George W Bush
Character analysis of George Bush

Pessimist, Diligent, Clever

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