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Psychological characteristics of Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein has been president and dictator of Iraq since 1979. He was born in April 1937. His parents were poor farmers.

" Saddam Hussein ... has the dubious distinction of being the world's best known and most hated Arab leader... Not that you would recognise the figure of a tyrant in the portraits that adorn every building and street corner in Iraq."  BBC NEWS

Saddam Hussein photo

Let's try to use physiognomy methods in practice to determine Saddam Hussein psychological characteristics. Software Digital Physiognomy allows us to compose a psychological description of any individual based on the frontal view of his face.

Digital Physiognomy presents a detailed character analysis of Saddam Hussein.

Saddam Hussein physiognomy
Saddam Hussein forehead Oval forehead
Saddam Hussein cheekbones Thick cheekbones
Saddam Hussein jaw Average jaw
Saddam Hussein chin Chin with a dimple
Saddam Hussein eyes Triangular eyes
Saddam Hussein brows Widen to temples brows
Saddam Hussein nose Pointed nose with wide base
Saddam Hussein lips Thick lower lip
Saddam Hussein ears Sticked out round ears with large lobe
  • Bright extrovert is characterized by outgoingness, responsiveness to other persons, activity, aggressiveness, and the ability to make quick decisions. He easily makes new contacts but he is often too talkative.
  • Cheerful and vigorous. Emotionally stable. An ability to restore power quickly.
  • Optimistic relation to life. Indulgence and psychological skills that facilitate adaption to difficulties. Highly conformist. Compliance, disciplined behavior. Such person often changes his opinion.
  • More of an egoist than an altruist. A person is realistically thinking but lacks interest in art and religion. Persistent, but cautious, does not like to take risk. Kindness, fairness and humanity. But often it may be only a mask.
  • Indulgence and condescension to others. Extremely low functionality because of laziness or absence of concentration and attention. Sometimes ruse, slyness. Usually executes his promeses, and is not capable on betrayal.
  • Normal intellect. Confidence of itself, self-control in complex situations. But also and concern to another's opinion. Capability to influence the acts. Sometimes he is more exacting to itself than to other. Absence of sense of humor.
  • Profession - boss.
  • Confidence factor - 70%.
It is important to notice that Digital Physiognomy not so much allows you to determine possible behavior of Saddam Hussein, as it allows you to understand how others see this personality.

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