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FindGraph is a graph plotting, data-analysis, digitizing tool
System Requirements Requirements
Data-analysis, digitizing, find graph program Software
  Main features  Features
  Digitizing  Digitizing
  Graphing  Graphing
  Data analysis features  Analysis
  Curve fitting features  Fitting
  Multi-peak fitting  Peaks
  Linear regression  Regression
  Closed curves  Parametric
  Empirical models  Empirical
  Best-fit equation  Best-fit
  Famous curves  Curves
  How to eliminate noise  Filters
  Transformations tools  Tools
  Transformations tools  SSA
Line graphs plotting and data analysis Screenshots
Chart and graph, approximations Gallery
FindGraph online manual Online help
Development Development
Testimonials Testimonials
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What our customers are saying about FindGraph

  "I'm really glad I found FindGraph. I found it on Google by searching for "Trend Analysis Software". It was the perfect match for doing trend analysis in the situations that I need it to, such as sales trends and stock analysis. It only took me one day to decide to purchase it. Best yet, I could afford to buy it, and as a result I did not have to borrow money to finance the purchase. After a short period of disorientation and learning how to fit the data to best produce trend models, I found all of the functions easy to use, and very informative. I especially like the cyclical trends analysis that it does. This type of analysis is often very useful, especially in cyclical data such sales projections. I can use the integral calculation along with the cyclical trends function creator to predict my total revenue for a specific time period, with a very minimal amount of effort (after learning the minor quirks). I really appreciate you taking the effort to put out this program and make it available at this nice price. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that needs to do trend analysis or curve matching."

Bryce Conner, Syracuse, NY, US

  "I downloaded demos of several curve fitting tools, including some free ones, but I found FindGraph the easiest to use and seemed to give me the most flexibility. The program is great and I'm still finding functions I didn't know it had - the differentiate function on the curves is an absolute gem!"

Lee Vessey, Scunthorpe, GB

  "Many compliments for the software. As an auditor we are doing more and more data analysis, trying to discover trends in data. Your software is very helpful for this. It's the opposite from statistical software which auditors in general cannot handle. "

Harold Kinds, Netherlands

  "I've been using Findgraph for a few years now on a particular project that requires dozens of curve fits. This project would have been hopelessly intensive without your product. I know I've only scratched the surface of what Findgraph is capable of, but for my purposes it has been a marvelous tool. "

Steven W. Lehr, NE, US

  "I was looking for some software to do some data smoothing and differentiation with. I downloaded the trial and found it had everything I could possibly need. In addition to all the great functions, the software is easy to use and the price was right so I purchased it without even looking any further. "

Dave Harrington, Nordock Inc.

  " I needed a quick fix, someone to make the decision for me of which function to use and I found FIndGraph by googling my needs and found that it gave an option of best fit function so I thought it might help in making the decision for me!! I think it would be frowned upon to give undergraduates access to a tool like this but it saved my postgrad butt. "

Hannah Medd, Marine Biology Research Institute, South Africa

  "Thank you for your good application to draw and digitize the graph and curves."

Shinya Ishii, JAPAN

  " 1. I appreciate analyzing data in exhausting (various) mathematical manner and DISCOVERING the best MODEL - This is (for me) very IMPORTANT! I enjoy in using it! "

Miran Horvat, Ptuj, SI

  "The application for this software was only equation fitting for data points allowing me accurately interpolate information. As I can see, there will be no immediate need for me to re-use this program for my work. I was implementing my own algorithm in Matlab when I came across your package. I did choose to pay for your software as I found it very easy to use, innovative and cool. "

Jason Cosford, Electrical Engineer

  "I use the program to interprete the results of psychology experiments. I plot data from face recognition studies and use the fitting function to plot curves, regression lines etc. It has been very helpful - keep up the good work."

Dick Dafters, Glasgow, GB

  "I particularly liked a number of features of the software:
First the accuracy of higher order polynomials and the ease of switching between different orders. The smoothing and filtering functions are already proving very useful. I found it very easy to use from scratch - a major achievement in a model fitting package, in my estimation. So I am very pleased with the package after just a couple of days of use. Excellent. "

Ian Woodward, University of Sheffield, GB

  "For me, I have not used most functions of FindGraph. I've always input quantitative data by just pasting them in from an Excel file. The two functions that have been of most use to me have been 1) the easy ability to constrain the fitted curve to pass through X(0)=0, and especially 2) the Best Function routine. I have run the latter on a variety of similar data sets in order to choose the equation that most consistently provides a good fit (if not the best fit). For my purpose of finding some candidate equations to consider, it has been great! "

David P. Janos, Ph.D., University of Miami

  "I registered FindGraph because I plan on using the digitizing features quite often. I find myself examining data plots for which there isn't supporting data any longer frequently. So, I like the features of your software for that."

Jarrod W. Carter, Ph.D., Origin Engineering, LLC

  "Manny thanks for this great program. It's me a verry helpful tool to digitise curves from Tektronix-CRT scop. "

Harry Urlass, Germany

  "Your Customer Service is amazing!! "

Chris Clover, Marshalltown, IA, US



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