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Are you an engineer, scientist or graduate student looking for a graphing tool that will allow you to quickly analyze and present experimental data without having to immerse yourself into calculus and statistics books?

You've just found the perfect solution. FindGraph is a comprehensive, feature-rich graphing, digitizing and curve fitting software specially created for these purposes.

What our customers are saying about FindGraph:

"I downloaded demos of several curve fitting tools, including some free ones, but I found FindGraph the easiest to use and seemed to give me the most flexibility."

Lee Vessey, Scunthorpe, GB

"I've been using Findgraph for a few years now on a particular project that requires dozens of curve fits. This project would have been hopelessly intensive without your product."

Steven W. Lehr, NE, US

"Thank you for your good application to draw and digitize the graph and curves."

Shinya Ishii, JAPAN

"I have some curves from data sheets (PDF files). Wonder how to use FindGraph to find X,Y values of several points on each of these curves and eventually find equations to represents these curves."

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"FindGraph is an extremely useful and highly flexible graph plotting software that will let you to do things you never imagined possible." 

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What You Can Do with FindGraph

 Extract data values from a published graph.
 Import data from ASCII files.
 Edit data values with graphical editor.
 Add text notations to plots.
 Smooth and transform data.
 Generate curves from formulas.
 Discover the best model to describe your data.
 Analyze 2-D data and fit results.
 Find the best equation.
 Use your own curve fitting algorithms as plug-ins.
 Know the cyclic behaviour of a given time series.
 Forecast of data series.
 Apply logistic regression.

FindGraph provides an easy way to copy and paste (embed) graphs to other software applications, like word processors, MS Excel or image editors. The program supports OLE automation and can be built-in to other software applications.

Regression Regression model. FindGraph provides an easy way to determine the best-fit parameters for linear regression model. FindGraph will help you to find the best equation and get a report of the results in seconds.
Curve fitting Curve fitting. The program offers 10 generic fits, including Linear Regression, Logistic Functions, Fourier approximation, Neural Networks plus a library of over 200 industry-specific formulas. FindGraph comes with 300 built-in famous 2-D curves from the areas of elementary mathematics, transcendental functions, probability and statistics, optimization, and graphics, support for Polar, Cartesian, and Parametric equations. Multi-peak fitting is possible.
Tools Calculus and Analysis. Once your data have been fit, you can further analyze XY data and fit results. Evaluation option includes function, derivatives, table generation, and extremes. FindGraph enables you to smooth, subtract, differentiate, integrate, and transform data and curves.  You can apply GMDH (Group Method of Data Handling) Polynomial Neural Network or RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) or ARIMA model to fit and to forecast data series.
Digitizing tool Some features of Digitizing tool:
Log and linear scales  Handle log and linear scales.
Rotated charts  Automatic correction for rotated charts and graphs.
Exclude net  Algorithm to exclude the net and poor points.
Zoom  Zoom for precision digitizing.
Delete mistakes  Delete mistakes with the delete key.
Add single data point  Add single data point with the insert key.
Different data sets  Multiple different data sets can be defined.
Calibration points  The feature to determine the coordinate system then digitizing, using the calibration points, of which the coordinates are known.

You can download a free 30-day trial version of FindGraph, complete with examples and user guide.

FindGraph costs $99.95(US), and upgrades are free.

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System Requirements

 Windows  NT, 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista/Windows 7, Windows 10 or newer. There is no version of FindGraph for Macintosh, Linux, OS/2. However it work fine with Wine in Linux.
 System:  1000 MHz or faster, 128 MB RAM, 20 MB free hard disk space.

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