This tutorial shows the required steps to digitize the background picture

  1. Select menu item <Data><Add from picture>.
  2. The 'Digitize background picture' dialog appears.
  3. On step 1 select item 'Calibration points'.
  4. On step 2 add points (0,0) and (6000,12000). To add points move mouse cursor and use key 'Insert'.
  5. On step 3 input the coordinates of calibration points. The scale of plot will change.
  6. On step 4 select parameters to find points automatically.
  7. On step 5 check colors and click Digitize
  8. On step 6 you can add or remove points by hand. Move mouse cursor and use key Insert.
  9. Then you close the dialog, new series of points appears on left panel.
  10. To remove bad points, select menu item <Edit><Points editor><Erase points>.