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FindGraph     2002-2012 UNIPHIZ Lab

The problem:

You wish to compare and display the data obtained from independent sources. Typically input data sources are graphs from Internet pages, text files, Excel tables or personal raw data. You want the ability to remove false points and add desirable points interactively.

Desired outcome - mated graphs, regression line or approximations displayed with commentaries that can be exported into a document by using cut and paste.

The solution:

Use FindGraph . Powerful but easy-to-use data-analysis, digitizing, graph plotting program.

The  features:

Graphs can be generated:

It is possible to add points interactively. The program has a full set of drawing tools. You can easily:

Unlimited Undo/Redo. You can specify an unlimited number of points, areas and lines. Their graphs will be plotted in one coordinate system, allowing comparison of empirical and analytical data. Choose from many graph and coordinate plane parameters. It is possible to quickly hide/show series of points and graphs. Visualization features:

Zoom is possible. The graphs allow total freedom in setting up scales and grids. Log scales for each axis are available. Point's color, size and aspect ratio are taken into account under approximation line build. Some of the data-analysis features are:

You can use your own algorithm as Plug-In.

There is ability to build parametric graphs X(u,v), Y(u,v). Families of lines with a given step of parameter v can be plotted.

The program allows you to export information to the other programs and files. Points can be saved to ASCII tables. Approximation lines, areas, points and commentaries can be saved to XML file. FindGraph  is COM server. This means, that plot can be copied and pasted (embedded) directly into word processors, Excel or drawing programs. To edit embedded plot, double click the mouse button on it.

Graphs are optimized for printing. The program has preview capabilities.

The program supports OLE automation and can be built-in in user software. Some commented samples (VB, C++) are included.

If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see in future versions, or questions on how to order it, please e-mail


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