How to build parametric graph

Follow these steps to build 3 parametric graphs on the formula  Y = x + sin( x+v ), with parameter v = 0, 1, 2:

  1. Click the button Formula  or select menu item <Analysis><Add Function>.
  2. The dialog 'Build Function on Formula' will appear.
  3. On a page Formula we input formula Y = u + sin( u+v ), X = u.
  4. Select limits of u as range of X.
  5. On a page Parameters we select 'use' parameter v.
  6. Assign range of parameter v: Min=0, Max=2, Step=1.
  7. On a page Line we select color and width of line.
  8. Input name of graph as formula.
  9. Use the button <Apply> as Preview.
  10. Three graphs will appear.


See samples Formula1.fgr.