How to add commentary

To add  a simple commentry:

  1. Click  the button Commentary.
  2. Click left on page.
  3. The dialog Commentary will appear.
  4. Input some text and click the button <Input>.
  5. The commentary will appear.
  6. Vary the parameters and the indent.
  7. All changes display in a screen.

To move the commentary, click left inside the commentary, hold left button and move it. To edit existing commentary, double click on it.

To place the labels along curves, follow these steps:

  1. Add a simple commentary (see above).
  2. In the dialog Commentary select <Draw text> checked.
  3. The button <Draw it now> will be enabled. Click it.
  4. Cursor with a pen will appear.
  5. Hold the left button and move the mouse on screen, until will end the letters.