Fit to Window Fit to Window Recalculate plot size to use full workspace
Fit scales to all data Recalculate scales to view all data
Fit scales to 0-1 Fit scales to limits 0-1 Recalculate scales to view data in X, Y limits from 0 to 1
Fit scales to Points Fit Scales to Points Recalculate axis scales to view all points selected
Fit scales to Area Fit Scales to Area Recalculate axis scales to view all areas selected
options Options... Change plot Properties
picture Picture... Background picture properties
Legend Paint the 'Legend'

edit Points Editor Switch to view Points Editor
- Points Connection Connect or not all points by lines
- Show Picture Show/Hide background picture
dew Occupation Switch to view Points Occupation
- Color Filled Areas Fill areas 'Rectangle' and 'Clip' with color
- Areas Marks Draw or not areas marks
histo Distribution Switch to view Density Distribution
- Density Ranges Show or not regions with density in assigned limits
- Points Color Draw distribution with provision for color of points
- Vectors Draw vectors of density gradients or density distribution
stat Diagram Switch to view Diagram
- Points Groups Circles Draw or not diagram cells as circles
- Points in Cell Numbers Draw or not numbers of points in cells
- Trends Lines Draw or not trends lines on cell
table Polar coordinates View and edit data points in polar coordinates.