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Use the button <Apply> as Preview.


Header The header is displayed in upper field. Font and color of header are assigned on page <Format>. The header may be saved to XML file.
Footer The footer is displayed in bottom field. Font and color of footer are assigned on page <Format>. The footer may be saved to XML file.
Units Units of drawing are used when installing the sizes of drawing and axes scales. Units are displayed at axes and on status bar. By default - centimetres.
Plot size Width on X, height on Y in selected units. The Size defines the visible area of plot including axis and is used in editing, scaling and building of distribution.
Indents The upper field - header. The lower field - footer.



Position Assign the position of axes on plot.
Tile Select axis title position: in center or on edges.
Direction The direction of counting out the axes.
Arrow Draw or not arrow of axis.
Tick Step on axis and lines of grid. Font and lines parameters are assigned on property page <Format>. The grid is displayed over background picture.
Parameter The axis name and physical units of measurement of parameter. Name and units of measurement may be written to TXT and XML file.
In one (cm) Scales of axes. These are used in editing and building of distribution.
Log. scale In logarithmic scale for each cm.(inch) axis interval limits multiply on given value (greater 1).

Trick: In the editor the click by the mouse in area of X, Y axes, it opens / hides the Scales window.


Font and sizes Assign the character's sizes in tenth shares mm. for different elements of plot. The typeface general for the whole document.
Text Text
Header Header only
Notes Axes X,Y names labels
Tick labels Axes X,Y tick labels
Footer Footer
Line width Assign the lines's color and width in tenth shares mm. for different elements of plot.
Main Unused now
Axes Unused now
Border Axes X,Y lines
Tick Axes X,Y tick lines



Interval between points In modes <line> or <spray> points are put to previous not closer, than interval is given.
Areas marks Select to draw or not areas marks. In editor you can move areas marks and change areas shape.
Background picture Select to display or not the background picture (bmp, gif, jpg, wmf, emf). It is used for visualization or for digitization of points.
Resize to plot Select to resize or not drawing on whole size of plot.
On page center Select to draw the background picture on page center or on left upper corner.



Points density distribution Select points density distribution formula. It is used in calculation of probability in <Distribution> mode. Contribution of each point is summarized according to point's radius, aspect ratio X/Y and points density distribution. By default - the Normal distribution (Gaussian).
Parameters Points parameters are used in editing, scaling and building of distribution.
The density is proportional to the point area It is used in calculation of probability in <Distribution> mode. Contribution of each point is summarized pro rata square of radius of point. By default - <is not proportional>.
Point size varies with a scale It is used in scaling. By default - <is not varies>.



Show Choose the way of visualization of distribution. The Tones - brightness and color of cell is proportional density.  The Vectors - arrows show the direction of growing of density.
Quality Choose the quality of visualization of distribution. Practically, the size of cell is changed. By default <Optimal>.
Transparent Use transparency, to x-ray background drawing  See property page <Editor>.
By points color By default distribution to density is built for points of each color. If <By points color> is unchecked, all color densities in cell are summarized.
Density Ranges To select area with density of distribution in limits <min - max> choose color. Distribution is normalized on 100% at maximum.
Density, (% maximum) By default distribution is normalized on maximum and is built in interval from 0 to 100%. Install new scales and color of distribution.
Log scale By default brightness and color are proportional to density. Use logarithmic scale, to increase contrast. It is useful for maximums searching.



Cell size, cm Numbers of points, grouped on cells are displayed on diagram. Assign the cells sizes or use square cells.
Cells positions Groups of points on diagram are displayed in circles (squares). Centers of circles can comply with centers of cells or are determined by mean (X, Y), calculated with points of a cell.
Symbols Circle, square or none
Parameters The parameters of visualization of diagram of distribution.
Label Select to display or no total number of points in cell. By default - display.
Show center lines Display or no median (X,Y), built on points of cell. By default - not to display.
Show trands lines Display or no trands lines (X,Y), built on points of cell. By default - display.