How to register

FindGraph  is shareware software. Please check program's web site for the latest version and prices.

Why register

How to purchase

To order the program, point your browser to the following URL and fill in an order form with 3 steps. You will receive registration details immediately to your mail box.

NOTE: Registration code will be sent via e-mail. It is essential that you provide an accurate e-mail address. Your e-mail address is confidential and will never be provided to a third party.

After registration

After registration you will get registration code. To enter registration code, click <Register...> in <Help> menu. A register dialog box will pop-up. Input your registration code. The best way not to make a mistake entering this data is to use copy and paste. Click Ok button.

Information for customers

There are several convenient ways to purchase FindGraph:

If you have a problem with registration contact author.