Getting started

The program is very easy to learn. Use the fully functional FindGraph’s  Trial and experiment with its many features. This is the only way to become familiar with its ease of use and power to manipulate data.

To begin using the program, make the following:

  1. Run the program.
  2. Click the button line or line and draw several series of points of different color and size.
  3. Click the button line and draw an area around the points.
  4. Click the button line, move the mouse and click inwardly the area. Dialog 'Information on selected area'  will appear.
  5. Click the button <Function...>. 'Approximation line' Wizard will appear.
  6. Follow five steps and build regression line.
  7. To show points density picks, select 'Distribution' mode line.

Now you are ready to solve the real problems. For instance:

Take points from text file and build a line of regression. Move and add point's interactively to view their influence on your point of correlation.

  Open Internet Explorer and digitize points from stocks chart. Build the approximation line.


To help you to learn the program quickly, we shipped several samples.