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Nov. 17, 2016 Version 2.61

  • Signal segmentation.
  • The Akima interpolation.
  • Several special functions were added (Exponential integrals, Elliptic integrals, Fresnel integrals and more).

June 10, 2016 Version 2.59

  • Feature to find best fit with conditions (for example, second derivative is positive in all dataset).

Feb. 02, 2015 Version 2.57

  • Feature to find the decision boundary in logistic regression classification
    to divide dataset based on logistic regression function. tutorial-logistic regression.jpg
    Apply logistic regression to divide data
  • Clasterization based on Logistic Regression or K-Means.

Dec. 12, 2014 Version 2.56

  • Feature to apply regularization (Forward Stagewise Linear Regression algorithm) to prevent overfitting

Nov. 11, 2014 Version 2.55

  • Epanechnikov quadratic kernel smoother
  • Feature to apply boosting (a weighted average of predictions of individual regression lines) in linear regression to prevent overfitting.

Sept. 3, 2014 Version 2.54

  • When find best fit add feature to minimize std, or Manhattan distance, or Chebyshev distance.
  • Feature to use random weight when find fit in regression to exclude overfitting.
  • Bug in nonlinear exponential model fixed.
  • In Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA), when M selected, broken stick model is used to estimate the eigenvectors count to include best components.

Jan. 12, 2014 Version 2.51

  • Modeling baseline by the Shirley algorithm .
  • Image filter to exclude pixels with low brightness gradient.
  • Apply a 5x5 Gaussian filter when smooth image.

Oct. 10, 2013 Version 2.50

  • Feature to automatically insert points between points added manually when digitize 'by hand'.
  • Image black/white filter based on adaptive thresholding (Bradley and Roth) technique.
    The image is converted to black and white based on adaptive thresholding (Bradley and Roth) technique.
  • Add feature to find all local minimum to define baseline and to subtract it.
  • Add several functions in calculator.

July 17, 2013 Version 2.49

  • Add feature to apply chaotic maps to generate time series in the form of iterated functions
    (the Logistic map, Gauss iterated map, Tent map, Standard circle map).

Feb. 24, 2013 Version 2.47

  • Add feature to select best fit function based on minimum Std. Error,
    or maximum adjasted R-square value, or minimum BDS Test value,
    or minimum BIC (Bayesian information criterion) value.
  • Feature to exclude outliers.

Nov. 30, 2012 Version 2.46

  • Add feature to apply RBF Radial Basis Function Network) in function approximations,
    and time series predictions.
    Apply Radial Basis Function network in function approximations
  • When digitize data manually, use key 'Insert' or key 'I' to add points, and key 'Delete'or key 'D' to remove points.

Oct. 08, 2012 Version 2.44

  • Add feature to apply RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) with 2 hidden layers
    to find fit and to forecast next data values.
    Apply Recurrent Neural Network to fit data
  • Bug fixed when digitizing fat chart lines.

May 18, 2012 Version 2.41

  • Add feature to apply the Douglas-Peucker algorithm for reducing the number of points.
  • Add feature to apply EMD (Empirical Mode Decomposition) algorithm,
    and exclude M components. Reducing the number of points

Feb. 06, 2012 Version 2.39

  • Add feature to highlight and to select interactively the correspondent data points on the others datasets,
    to explore the relationship of the two measures represented by X-Y plot in relation
    to the distribution of a third (Z) measure. Highlight data points selected on the other dataset

Dec. 14, 2011 Version 2.38

  • BDS test (Brock-Dechert-Scheinkman) applied to residuals when fit data, apply ARIMA, SSA, and GMDH.
    A test for independence (Brock-Dechert-Scheinkman) based on the correlation dimension, applied to residuals.
    If resulting C2 value greater 3, the null hypotheses of no dependence are rejected asymptotically.
    When select fit model, try to minimize C2 value.
    We add feature to find best fit based on BDS test C2 value.

Oct. 31, 2011 Version 2.37

  • When fit peaks, find total peak area (the area between the curve and the baseline).
  • Add automation method to extract cyclic based on formula.

Sep. 20, 2011 Version 2.35

  • Add feature to estimate Correlation dimension (fraction of pairs of points with distance gt eps)
  • Add several functions (Bessel, erfc) to calculator
  • Change automation methods.

July 03, 2011 Version 2.33

  • Add several (21) peak fitting models and distribution functions:
    Burr distribution, Dagum distribution, Geometric distribution,
    Generalized logistic distribution, Hyperbolic-Secant distribution,
    Johnson bounded/unbounded distribution, Kumaraswamy distribution,
    Levy distribution, Log Gamma distribution, Modified PERT distribution,
    Pearson distributions, Weibull distribution.

Mar. 17, 2011 Version 2.31

  • Add several user models (3-parameters GammaPDF, Log Normal Shifted distibution).
  • Add automation methods to work with parametric curves.
  • Keep program wizards settings.

Nov. 05, 2010 Version 2.28

  • Add feature to present X,Y data in form of Gagnon-Harper chart.
  • Add feature to fit scale to ranges.
  • Gagnon-Harper chart diagramm

Aug. 20, 2010 Version 2.26

  • Add Resistant Fit Theta Rho method in Procrustes analysis.
  • Apply robust fitting to exclude large residuals
    do not excessively perturb the function.
  • Apply robust fitting
  • see how to apply robust fitting to exclude large residuals.

July 17, 2010 Version 2.25

  • Apply GMDH (Group Method of Data Handling) Polynomial Neural Network
    to fit and to forecast data series.
  • Apply GMDH to forecast data
  • Add up to 9 parameters in nonlinear fit automation methods (previous was limited to 5).
  • Include Excel examples to learn how to call automation methods.

Apr. 16, 2010 Version 2.21

  • Add feature to exclude out of range points in Prune dialog.
  • Add feature to estimate derivatives for parametric curves in function trace dilaog.
  • Add automation methods to simplify export to Excel and work with parametric curves.
  • Add automation methods to smooth data, apply SSA, ARIMA, and Extract Cyclic.
  • Include Excel examples how to call automation methods.
  • In group 'power' add Gamma probability density function.

Feb. 17, 2010 Version 2.18

  • Iteratively reweighted Procrustes analysis.
  • Add several models to nonlinear fitting group.
  • Bug fixed: when log scale, range was limited 1.e-8, 1.e8.
  • Bug fixed: crush when apply Procrust to data with different size.

Jan. 21, 2010 Version 2.16

  • Windows7 compatible.
  • Save log in tmp directory
  • Approximate data with an Ellipse.
  • Fit ellipse

Dec. 01, 2009 Version 2.15

  • Compare two data series.
  • Command line support in form: Findgraph test.jpg or Findgraph test.txt
  • Bug fixed when find best fit with parameters and compose output string.
  • Bug fixed when read data (in Windows7).
  • Bug 'show cursor coordinates on right panel' fixed.
  • Bug in 'Logistic biphasic' model fixed.

July 21, 2009 Version 2.11

  • Fits an autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) model, apply to forecast next point.
  • Bug was fixed: paint points with negative values when log scale.
  • ARIMA model
  • Bug was fixed: error when create residuals plot.
  • Bug was fixed: crush when find peaks and close dialog.

May. 30, 2009 Version 2.05

  • Feature to average several data series to get one.
  • Feature to show error bars by template to render a confidence ellipse regarding the dispersion of the points.
  • Bug was fixed: crush when find peaks and no points were selected.
  • Confidence ellipse
  • Resampling.

Apr. 01, 2009 Version 2.02

  • Feature to estimate a local x-dependent Lyapunov exponent.
  • Feature to generate random numbers with distribution you select.
  • Generate random numbers
  • Bug was fixed: low/high-labels in the filter dialog were mixed.

Feb. 03, 2009 Version 2.01

  • Recurrence plot (correlation Y1(x) vs Y2(x+t)) on graph border.
  • Transformations: Log-return and Percentage-return.
  • Feature to estimate a local x-dependent Hurst exponent H(x).
  • Bug was fixed 'wrong step to scroll when trace function.'

Dec. 12, 2008 Version 2.006

  • Feature to extrapolate the fit function.
  • Changes in scroll and scale control.
  • Add 30 models: symmetric log, Log10, RecipLog, LogLogist, QuadLog, 3 phase exp decay, 3 phase exp grow, ExpAndSine, ExpAndRational, ExpAndPower, ExpLog, Roszman, several sigmoidal (logistic) functions...
  • Feature to export to pdf.
  • Add X and Y data distribution histogramms on graph borders.
  • When edit data series there is feature to move all XY data to notepad.

Oct. 04, 2008 Version 1.96

  • Feature to fix any parameter when find curve fit.
  • Feature to link background image to the zooming and translation of the curve.

Aug. 26, 2008 Version 1.955

  • Zero-lag smoothers (moving trend, moving parabolic).
  • Feature to extend smoothing function into the future.

July 22, 2008 Version 1.95

  • Feature to show colormaps and contour lines (izolines by z value).
  • Feature to paint each point with color, radius, or direction, defined by parameter Z.
  • Show Voronoi diagram with color defined by parameter Z.

July 04, 2008 Version 1.94

  • Feature to find positive and negative peaks.
  • Add four-parameter logistic model.
  • Feature to save image with high quality (300 dpi).
  • Descriptive statistics.

May 24, 2008 Version 1.93

  • Charting: moving average with bands.
  • Layers to show/hide all graphs with color selected.
  • Local regression smoothing (Lowess).
  • Detailed regression results when find curve fit
    (SSE, R-square, Adjusted R-square, Fit standard error,F-statistics, Confidence bounds for coefficients, plot with prediction bounds for function and for observations).

May 04, 2008 Version 1.92

  • Include Rational model by two ways: sum(Ai*X^i) / (x^m + sum(Bi*X^i) i: 0-10, m:0-10 or in form A0*(X-A1)*...*(X-An) / (X-b1)/.../(X-Bn)
  • Include 'Rational' model to 'Find best fit'.
  • Add feature to order best fit results by Std. Error or by Ra-square.
  • Add buttons 'log scale y', 'log scale x' on toolbar.
  • In editor mode when , hold SHIFT to skip points
  • When read date-time data from txt, merge cells date and time to one.
  • Show on statusbar size of workspace in pixels. This area may be copied as bitmap.
  • Bug was fixed: in Procrustes analysis when assigned weight.

Mar 01, 2008 Version 1.91

  • Add formulas: ChiSquareDistribution, NormalDistribution, TDistribution, InverseNormalDistribution
  • When extract cyclic, change the number of harmonics up to 20.
  • Add peak functions: Pearson, AsymPearson, Doniach-Sunjic
  • Add robust fitting in linear regression.

Feb 05, 2008 Version 1.90

  • When extract cyclic, find fit in form sum of sines Y = A+ B*x + sum(Ai*sin(Bi*x+Ci).
  • Add the Savitzky-Golay smoothing method.
  • When find peaks, show smoothed second Derivative.
  • Write in log file: R-square, R-square adjasted, F statistic.
  • Add 'User model' 'Inverse' y = a / (x^c - 1) + b.

Dec 05, 2007 Version 1.88

  • Add Levenberg - Marquardt non-linear algorithm.
  • When find fit or linear regression, show R-square.
  • Feature to translate data series to center of gravity (X,Y).
  • Add 'Normal distribution' fit function.

Sep 20, 2007 Version 1.87

  • Apply Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) to reconstruct and to forecast data series.
  • Feature to copy FFT data and chart to the Clipboard.
  • Feature to extrapolate function in "Extract Cyclic" dialog.

Aug 14, 2007 Version 1.86

  • Date/Time format support in AxisX/AxisY dialogs.
  • Grid to polar plot was added.
  • In fft window time (period) scale is possible.
  • Enhanced fft filters.

July 18, 2007 Version 1.85

  • Feature to add function to data series in 'Transform-Linear' dialog.
  • Feature to create function by periodic signals was added.
  • Feature to Add/Subtract/Average pair of functions.
  • Feature to add label Y with one click.

Jun 18, 2007 Version 1.82

  • Pie-Chart, Stack column, Floating Column, High-Low-Close , High-Low-Open-Close , Candle diagrams were added.
  • Feature to save FFT (wavelet) transformed data was added.
  • Vista compatible.

Apr 17, 2007 Version 1.79

  • Several automation methods were added.

Mar 26, 2007 Version 1.78

  • Feature to use not orthogonally positioned calibration points when digitizing..
  • Add menu item 'Fit plot size to background image size'.
  • When zoom, the position of background picture may be changed or not.
  • Several peak functions and non-linear fit functions were added.

Feb 11, 2007 Version 1.77

  • Feature to connect points in plot by template was added.
  • Line styles support.
  • Measurements: feature to measure the distance and the slope between two set points of a curve.
  • Background picture offset.
  • Bugs fixed: when digitizing the resulting crosshair of the digitized point appeared beneath the cursor crosshair.
  • Bugs fixed: the help window did not automatically go behind the program window.

Jan 07, 2007 Version 1.75

  • Multi-peak fitting
  • Asymmetric Power function was added.
  • Radius of curvature with a sign.
  • Bugs fixed: there was a problem to read text file with a single column of data.

Dec 08, 2006 Version 1.73

  • Added formula on plot then fitting.
  • Feature to increase/decrease Legend font height in popup menu.
  • Feature to calculate the radius of curvature then trace function (or tabulate function)
  • Bugs fixed: then fitting Peak functions.

Oct 25, 2006 Version 1.72

  • Samples browser.
  • Added Stem style of plot.

Oct 01, 2006 Version 1.70

  • Procrustes analysis: a feature to translate, rotate, scale, shear a reference cluster of landmarks, so that the distance of each reference landmark to it's corresponding 'experimental' landmark is minimised.

Sep 10, 2006 Version 1.63

  • The feature to shear and to twist background image.
    See example.
  • The feature to keep the points you selected in 'Prune' dialog.

Jul 31, 2006 Version 1.60

  • The feature to determine the coordinate system then digitizing, using the calibration points, of which the coordinates are known and can be entered.
    See example.
  • Show progress bar then starting the digitisation wizard using large background files.
  • 'Scroll View Window'. Use this window to scroll main program window then digitizing the background pictures that exceed your monitor size.
  • Double Exponential and Weibull Distribution were added.
  • Second derivative in 'Trace function:Tabulate' dialog.
  • Bug fixed: the fourier fitting produced a wrong formula although the fitting line and table results were right.

Jun 06, 2006 Version 1.57

  • Feature to label selected points.
  • Several built-in functions were added.
  • Histogramm view was added.
  • Feature to scroll graph then trace data.

May 01, 2006 Version 1.55

  • Feature to find and change scale to view several series on one screen.
  • Table with data and calculated curve and std error in curve fitting dialog.
  • Horizontal legend.
  • Step line style was added.
  • Feature to copy to Clipboard Bezier interpolation endpoints and control points.

Mar. 22, 2006 Version 1.53

  • Version includes a redesigned interface and adds various plotting enhancements.
  • Feature to scroll and scale with one mouse click on axis area.
  • Feature to change scale to view different series on one screen.
  • Bug was fixed: polar to cartesian coordinates conversion.

Feb. 08, 2006 Version 1.504

  • Added Baseline automatic correction feature.
  • Added Low-pass filter to smoothing models.
  • Closing filter was added (useful to exclude grid lines then digitizing).
  • Bug was fixed: digitize with fixed step.

Jan. 11, 2006 Version 1.50

  • B-splines interpolation and B-splines least squares approximation.
  • A least squares approximation for parametric Sine and Cosine curves was enhanced.
  • Derivatives were added in Trace function-Tabulate dialog.

Dec. 14, 2005 Version 1.49

  • Fourier periodic signals extraction.
  • Log Scale in FFT (Wavelet) Filters dialog.
  • Scatter diagram and Quality histogram were added to fitting log.
  • Bezier interpolation.

Sep. 24, 2005 Version 1.48

  • 30 new nonlinear fit functions were added.
  • Polynomials (Chebyshev, Legendre, Laguerre, Hermite, Neumann).
  • Increase the number of Fourier harmonics to 100.
  • Triangulation.
  • Import from Excel.
  • DateTime format support.
  • Gradient fill.

Aug 03, 2005 Version 1.47

  • Added the convolution and the correlation features.
  • Added Kalman filter to smoothing models.
  • Several built-in functions were added.

June 07, 2005 Version 1.46

  • Added curve fitting models: Gaussian + Exp, Gaussian + Line, Gaussian + Parabola.

May 29, 2005 Version 1.45

  • Added the ability to plot labels to display the numbers of data points and or to display the X (Y, Z) values for data points.
  • The Daubechies Wavelet Tranform for digitally filtering data.
  • Added the ability to to select the arithmetic mean or the harmonic mean or the geometric mean to average points.
  • Added the ability to recalculate scales to view all data quickly.
  • Polar coordinates.
  • Added the feature to select Conform coordinates conversion.
  • Added Menu item .

Apr. 05, 2005 Version 1.435

  • Bug was fixed: Startup with parameter exhibited error.

Mar. 05, 2005 Version 1.43

  • Feature to find the best equation automatically with 'Find best curve fit' Wizard.

Feb. 16, 2005 Version 1.423

  • Various plotting enhancements, including different point symbols, error indicators and brushes.
  • New plot text formatting features, such as superscripting and subscripting, Greek symbols, lines and images.
  • Feature to calculate the arc length (distance along the curve).
  • Parametric line curve fitting model
    X(u) = X0 + A1*sin(u)+...+An*cos(n*u),
    Y(u) = Y0 + B1*sin(u)+...+Dn*cos(n*u).
  • Feature to restore default settings.
  • Feature to read and text file and to add all table columns as new points series immediately.
  • Bug was fixed. Findgraph did not extrapolate user defined curves.
  • Bug was fixed. In dialog Findgraph did not copy data to the Clipboard.
  • Convex Hull calculation bug was fixed.

Dec. 10, 2004 Version 1.412

  • Feature to rotate background image (Background Picture dialog).

Dec. 02, 2004 Version 1.411

  • Weighting methods (Statistical, Instrumental, Direct).
  • Error bars. You can specify the size of each point's error bar individually (error bar column).
  • FFT Filters to eliminate noise (Transform - FFT Filter).
  • Normalize dialog (Transform - Normalize) to normalize data.
  • Prune dialog (Transform - Prune) to skip rows, and to exclude points.
  • Feature (Transform - Remove) to exclude random spikes or to exclude close points.
  • In dialog add 'exchange Y-Z' command.
  • Fast Fourier Transformation (dialog 'Number of points')
  • Numerical format of the data in the columns (Options - Misc).
  • Parameter Z - the number, the current time, or elapsed time.
  • Bug was fixed in 'Trace Data' dialog.
  • Bug was fixed: fill between points and axie X.

Nov. 02, 2004 Version 1.409

  • Snap to Grid when drawing the points.
  • Data Fill options - fill X or Y in table with const step.
  • Quick preview in 'Build fonction on formula' dialog and in 'Fit with non-linear function' dialog.
  • In Transform points dialog Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical options were enhanced.
  • Simulate data with random error.
  • With a 'user model' plugin it is possible to include your own equations and curve fitting models. Example C source code for a 'user model' plugin is provided. Alternatively, if you're unaccustomed to writing DLL's we'd be happy to produce a plugin for licensed users at no charge.
  • Fill between curves, lines, and points.
  • Characters from the Symbol or Math font (Greek characters, etc.) in the axis labels of your plots.
  • Cubic interpolation.
  • Fitting Log was changed.
  • Bug was fixed. In formula string only six significant digits were printed. In new version all 16 significant digits are printed in formula.

Sep. 26, 2004 Version 1.407

  • Multilingual support.
  • Convex Hull.
  • Approximation with parametric line Y(u) = a*sin(u)+..., Y(u) = b*cos(u)+...,
  • Bug fixed than digitize points manually.

Jul. 05, 2004 Version 1.405

  • Nonlinear regression initial parameter values are calculated now, depending upon X,Y limits.
    This will help you to select the best initial parameter values by plotting the curve before the actual fitting and comparing it to the data.
  • Plugin DISTLINE.DLL was added . This find the polynomial line that minimizes the perpendicular distance between line and points.
    This is so called 'Deming regression'. It fits a polynomial line assuming equal experimental errors in both U and V. In contrast, ordinary regression assumes that the U values are known precisely and all the experimental error is in V.
  • Formula length is limited 1024 (was 256) symbols.
  • Bug fixed. Sometimes edge points were excluded from fitting.

Jun. 23, 2004 Version 1.404

  • Distances between points selected and points/functions.

Jun. 12, 2004 Version 1.403

  • Several new non-linear fitting models (Decaying sinusoid, Dose response, Power series).
  • Bug fixed. Not all non-linear fitting parameters were initialized.

May 29, 2004 Version 1.402

  • Distance between points in trace dialog.
  • Possible to change step in trace dialog.
  • Histogramm (the distribution of variables).
  • Bug fixed. Standard error of the estimate was calculated as sum/N, but must be sum/(N-1).

May 20, 2004 Version 1.40

  • Linear regression. Model is linear combination of Polynomial, Rational, Logarithmic, Exponential, and Fourier functions.

Feb. 15, 2004 Version 1.39

  • Interpolation Wizard.
  • Curve fitting in polar coordinates.
  • (X,Y) points interpolations.
  • Feature to append saved plot was added.
  • New price.

Dec. 11, 2003 Version 1.37

  • Digitization Wizard.
  • Feature to change scales quickly was added.
  • Read text data Wizard was updated.
  • Feature to edit background image was added.
  • New selective tool.

Oct. 01, 2003 Version 1.33

  • Automation methods (fitting) was added. Examples (VB) were included.
  • Plug-in - fitting model y = a + b *(1 - exp(c*x))
  • Plug-in - fitting model y = a + b *exp(-(x-x0)/c) + d*exp(-(x-x0)^2/g^2)

Aug. 28, 2003 Version 1.32

  • The fitting parameters, as well as related statistics, are displayed in the Fitting Log. You can print this results or save as HTML page.
  • Feature to recalculate scales quickly to view all points selected.

Aug. 08, 2003 Version 1.31

  • A library of over 120 industry-specific formulas to fit data.
  • The simplex and gradient algorithms for quick nonlinear regression performance.
  • A library of 70 famous 2-D curves. You can vary the number of parameters.

Jul. 07, 2003 Version 1.27

  • You can transform data: smooth, subtract, differentiate, integrate.
  • You can trace data and functions: derivatives, calculate integrals, intersections, and peaks.

Jun. 01, 2003 Version 1.24

  • You can input desirable formula to transform selected points coordinates.
  • Non-linear fitting was added.
  • Several GDI+ functions were used.

Nov. 21, 2002 Version 1.20

  • The program supports OLE automation now.
  • Examples (VB, C++) are included.
  • COM server bug fixed.

Oct. 09, 2002 Version 1.10

  • Ability to build parametric graphs.
  • The program allows you to draw families of lines.
  • Bessel, Beta, Gamma, Normal functions.
  • Ability to quickly hide/show series of points and graphs.

Sep. 05, 2002 Version 1.01

  • Help updated.
  • Online help.

Aug. 24, 2002 Version 1.00

  • Save/Restore Windows position.
  • Button 'Fit size' was added.

Jul. 18, 2002 Version 0.98 Beta

  • Logistic, Fourier, Neural network approximations were added.
  • You can use your own algorithm as Plug-In.

Jun. 06, 2002 Version 0.94 First public Beta

FindGraph is CrossDot simplified program. Main changes:

  • FindGraph is not OLE container.
  • FindGraph document format (*.fgr) is compatibly with CrossDot format (*.crs) without OLE objects.
  • The feature to build areas from distribution was removed.

Jul. 18, 2001 Crossdot Version 1.00 first public Release




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