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Analysis tools

Various data transformation techniques Various data transformation techniques such as data smoothing and differentiation are available.

You can transform data:
Translate Translate
Rotate Rotate
Smooth Smooth
Subtract Subtract baseline
Apply FFT Filters Apply filters
Apply the convolution Convolution
Extract of periodic signals Extract signals
Differentiate Differentiate
Integrate Integrate.
Procrustes analysis Procrustes analysis
Multi-peak fitting Multi-peak fitting


You can subtract any function you defined.

  Subtract line

The three smoothing methods including adjacent averaging are available. Last version of FindGraph includes Kalman smoothing.


It is possible to find the first or second order derivatives for the active data plot.

  Differentiate data

The feature to numerically integrate the active data plot from a baseline of zero using the trapezoidal rule.

  Integrate data

You can input desirable formula to transform selected points coordinates and to use functions (fits) you created as parameters.


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Convolution Convolution
Extract of periodic signals Periodic signals
SSA forecasting SSA forecasting




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