Psychological characteristics of Mao. Face reading sample.

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Character analysis have been created with Digital Physiognomy. 
The program determines a person's psychological characteristics.
The program does not forecast the future, but discovers how others REALLY see you and allows you recognize and read personality traits of others.
You gain accurate insight into the true nature of famous people. This is both entertaining and enlightening.
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Forehead _
Cheekbones _
Chin _
Eyes _
Brows _
Nose _
Lips _
Ears _
Confidence factor 99% Temperament _ Adventurism 99% Egoism 99% Hostility 99% Optimism 99% Self-confidence 99% Will power 99% Diligence 99% Intellect 99% Humor 99% Lucky 99% Honesty 99% Profession 99%
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