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Would you like to discover the character traits of such people like: Churchill, Mao, Tom Hanks, Charlie Chaplin...

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What our users are saying about Digital Physiognomy

"As a writer, it's fun to use when creating characters.
No, I don't take it very seriously but there is always
a grain of truth in any idea, folklore or "silly" science."

"This is a FUN program for use at a party with friends.
Worth a try if you are into stuff like this. Worth 20 bucks of laughs; I don't know how scientific it is -- prolly not so much science involved,
although it did pickup some traits from
one or two of friends I know very well.
Good for punking people."

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Examples of face readings.

On this page we collect most interesting samples of human face readings. Images were created with our Digital physiognomy software. This program seeks correlation between facial features and psychological characteristics.

The full version of Digital Physiognomy comes with a set of more than 1000 faces that belong to famous people.
Physiognomy Gallery

The full last version of Digital Physiognomy comes with a feature to find persons with similar character.

Persons with similar character
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It is not necessary to achieve an exact look-alike image of the face you attempt to identify. However, in order to achieve an accurate face reading, it is important that the main facial traits coincide. For example, triangular eyes instead of round. The more facial traits coincide, the more reliable will be the interpretation.

System requirements are:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 + JavaScript.

Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin
Winston Churchill Winston Churchill
Albert Einstain Albert Einstain
Elvis Elvis
Bill Clinton
Mao Zedong - very interesting face Mao Zedong
Vladimir Putin face reading problem Vladimir Putin
Colin Powell Colin Powell
Edison - the  most interesting sample of human face reading Edison
Bah face reading sample Bah
Andersen Andersen
Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin
Mel Gibson - just pretty face Mel Gibson
Harrison Ford face reading Harrison Ford
Tom Hanks - a genial actor Tom Hanks
Dicaprio Dicaprio
Arnold Arnold
Britney Britney
Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa
Sarah Gellar Sarah Gellar
Diaz Diaz
Moore Moore
Ananova - Photofit of Shakespeare is unveiled Shakespeare
Bill Gates Bill Gates
A detailed character analysis of Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein
A detailed character analysis of Usama Bin Laden Usama Bin Laden

Comparative character analysis of George W Bush and John Kerry
John Kerry
America votes 2004
Comparative character analysis
of John Kerry and George W Bush
Comparative character analysis of George W Bush and John Kerry
George W Bush

A comparative character analysis of Women in politics. Psychological characteristics of Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, and Segolene Royal.

New!  America votes 2008
A comparative character analysis of
the Democratic candidates and the Republican candidates

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