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AMarker lets you launch applications and protect desktop
FindGraph is a graph plotting, data-analysis, digitizing tool
Digital Phisiognomy makes someone able to read a face
Advanced face reading software Software
Digital Physiognomy screenshots Screenshots
Rules that govern the way we interpret face Face reading
The history of physiognomy and face reading History
Personality traits Personality
Digital Physiognomy online manual Online help
Face reading samples Library
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Zigzag Cleaner lets you hide your open windows quickly



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Digital Physiognomy  is available for free download and use during the trial period. Registering Digital Physiognomy  turns off all nag screens, removes all limitations associated with the evaluation version, and entitles you to free upgrades with all future versions.

The Registration Fee:  19.95 $ or 12.50 Euro

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To order the program, point your browser to the following URL and fill in an order form with 3 steps. You will receive registration details immediately to your mail box.

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New offer: You can get a full-licensed version of Digital Physiognomy for free simply by trying out another product or service from our trusted partners. Just follow the advertiser's instructions, and you will receive a fully licensed version for free. With so many partners to choose from, you're sure to find something you like. Some of them don't require you to pay anything. So get started now! Get Digital Physiognomy Plus Free!

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