Zigzag Cleaner help

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Options dialog
To activate options dialog, click right button on the tray icon and select 'Options ...' item. The Zigzag Cleaner options dialog will appear.

Select <Draw> page to set recognition parameters:

  • The more width and height your select, the more zigzag you ought to draw. But it excludes occasional zigzag recognitions.
  • The less time your select, the more quickly you ought to draw.

On <Action> page you can change the assigned the Z recognition  action.

  • It is possible to hide, minimize, resize windows or simple draw the Z.
  • Select 'Act all windows', to hide all with just one zigzag.
  • Select 'Act only windows in Z area', to hide only windows in your  zigzag rectangle.

Use <apply> button and test action.

On <Misc> page you can select:

  •  program interface language;
  • 'Run at startup' to run Zigzag Cleaner at WINDOWS startup;
  • 'UNIPHIZ Lab' to present new software. develops software for curious people.
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