Zigzag Cleaner commands

No action

Minimize windows
Hide windows
Windows to captions
Maximize windows
Tile horizontally
Tile vertically
This command will affect all windows, affect all windows inside 'Z' areas or can affect only one active window.

Restore windows
This command will restore all windows to their initial sizes.

Move windows to left
Move windows to right
Move windows to top
Move windows to bottom
This command will act all windows or can affect only one active window.

Scroll to top
Scroll to bottom
This command will affect the window that contains the mouse cursor or will affect the window that has the keyboard focus.

Start screen saver

Open CD
Close CD
You can assign any CD-ROM drive you want.

Explore Desktop Runs the Explorer.
Open 'Find files' Opens the 'Find files' dialog.
Open folder Opens the folder you specified.
Open folder 'History'
Open folder 'Programs'
Open folder 'Recent'

Run application
Runs the application you specified. You can easily add other applications by selecting it in your desktop and dragging it into the dialog window.

Possible commands are listed in 'Symbols and commands' in the help menu. To activate this help menu, right click on the mouse while on the ZIGZAG CLEANER tray icon and select 'Symbols ...'. The menu 'Customize symbols' will appear. Push any button <Edit>. The menu for 'Symbols and commands' will appear.

See example for how to configure.