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AMarker (http://www.uniphiz.com/amarker.htm)

Launch applications and protect desktop AMarker allows you to create a really cool program launcher, instead of using boring icons. With AMarker your children can use your computer and you won't have to worry whether they'll delete, modify, or view important files. The program allows you to prohibit the start of any program.




FindGraph (http://www.uniphiz.com/findgraph.htm)

Digitize, analyse and plot graphs.Did you ever have to analyze data values from a published graph or table? To compare and display the data obtained from Internet pages and spreadsheets? Let FindGraph do it for you with its powerful data-analysis, digitizing, and graph plotting tools suitable for students and engineers. With graphics editor you can easily add and move points. The program allows you to draw families of lines with a given step of parameter. Calculate regression lines and neural network approximations quickly and with ease. Export information to ASCII and XML files. The plot can also be embedded into Excel.




Zigzag Cleaner Plus ( http://www.uniphiz.com/zcleaner.htm)

This  lets you clear the desktop with one mouse move. This program is a fast way to hide open windows. It is an easy-to-use utility that lets you clear the desktop with just one movement of the mouse. Just make a quick "Z" with your mouse and Zigzag Cleaner  will hide all open windows. If you need quick access to your desktop, Zigzag Cleaner  is quicker than a tray icon or hotkey based application. You can configure various commands with assorted symbols you want.




Digital Physiognomy ( http://www.uniphiz.com/physiognomy.htm)

Digital Physiognomy. This allows anyone to read a face. You select facial features to assemble an identical image of your face. Digital Physiognomy  does not forecast the future but discovers how others really see you and allows you recognize and read various personality traits of others. This is both entertaining and enlightening. You gain accurate insight into the true nature of famous people.