Zigzag Cleaner Plus  is shareware software. The Registration Fee is:  15.00 $ or 15.00 Euro.

Why register

How to purchase

UNIPHIZ Lab uses services of leading registering firm RegNow to sell its programs. All credit card data is transmitted using the secure (encrypted) HTTP protocol according to the current SSL standard.

To purchase one or more registration codes from RegNow, click the link below. Your registration code will be sent via e-mail after your order is processed.

Order online by RegNow

NOTE: Registration code will be sent via e-mail. It is essential that you provide an accurate e-mail address. Your e-mail address is confidential and will never be provided to a third party.

After registration

After registration you will get your registration code via email. To enter registration code, click right button on the tray icon and select <Register...> menu. The register menu box will display. Input your registration code. The best way not to make a mistake entering this data is to use copy and paste. Once your registration number is imputed, click the 'Ok' button.