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Extract data values from an image of graph or plot
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Did you ever have to digitize the data, to extract data values from a published graph? Sometimes it is necessary to compare the data obtained from independent sources  to modern data. You want to manipulate the data, include it in another graph, and to find the best curve to fit the data. You need the raw numbers for calculations. But in most publications only plots but no data values are published. You have a graph from a report and you want to convert plots back to X,Y data.  A real life example would be: x= airline going to Canada, y= airline ticket price, which would tell you what the cheap flights for a business trip to Quebec, would be.

The Wizard of Digitization will help you to digitize the data.

Wizard of Digitization

Select mapping region  This example shows a graph of test data. FindGraph reads the file containing the image and displays it on screen as a background. You select one or several areas and start the Wizard of Digitization. Next step you select mapping region, and set the scale by setting X left, X right, Y top and Y bottom values. Linear or logarithmic axis are supported.


Graphs are handled automatically or manually.

Graphs are handled automatically or manually

Extract data values  Cursor position zoom lets you select several pixel colors to digitize. Sophisticated algorithm is used to exclude net. Of course, you can manually add single data points and remove mistakes.


Published data can be accurately captured.

Published data was accurately captured

Data digitized by FindGraph  In this picture you can see data digitized by FindGraph.


In most scientific publications plots are available only as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
FindGraph makes it easy to retrieve data points from such a plot.

Retrieve data points from screen

Mark the data points directly on the screen  You have not to capture screenshots before digitizing. Simple use 'Add Points from screen' option. Move and resize the framework window and position it to fit the graph. Now you can mark the data points directly on the screen.


Some features of Digitizing tool:

Graphics  BMP, WMF, EMF, JPEG and GIF graphics formats support
Selected data  It is possible to digitize only selected data
Log and linear scales  Handle log and linear scales
Rotated charts  Automatic correction for rotated charts and graphs
Select several colors  Cursor position zoom lets you select several pixel colors
Not orthogonally positioned calibration points  Feature to use not orthogonally positioned calibration points when digitizing
Exclude net  Algorithm to exclude the net
Exclude poor points  Algorithm to exclude poor points
Multiple Y values  Multiple Y values for each X
Zoom  Zoom for precision digitizing
Add single data point  Add single data point with the insert key
Delete mistakes  Delete mistakes with the delete key
Different data sets  Multiple different data sets can be defined
Sorting  Sorting of data values
Export  Export obtained data to text file or to the clipboard

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how to digitize a chart using the calibration points;
how to take a scanned image of a plot and transform it into XY data.


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